Cory Alexson


Good day to all my family, friends and extended relations! Now that I am officially "home", let me take some time to share and introduce myself to you. 

First and foremost, I am a proud father to my son Ceejay Alexson! My mother is Myrna Buffalo (Daystar), and my father is Roy Alexson (Kahkewistahaw). As well, I am very blessed with siblings Deanna, Leighton, Lance, Adrian and Trey. Before coming home to Kahkewistahaw to serve as council, I spent much of my life growing up in the urban centers of Regina and Saskatoon, where I had the opportunity to receive invaluable life lessons and work experience in which I now bring home to share with our community. Currently, I hold the portfolios of Health, Child & Family Services, Justice, Recreation & Sport, and share with other council members - Economic Development, Administration, and Treaty Protection. Now that I am home serving our Nation, my focus and commitment is supporting the health and safety of Kahkewistahaw First Nation. My vision and goal is to support all membership through quality programming in the areas of community and social development, thus in return will enhance and strengthen the future health of our children and generations to come.
Through my early life experiences and lessons, it is always my intent to pass on through mentorship, guidance and friendship of what all has been passed on to me. Because I grew up a First Nation youth in an urban setting, I fully understand the life challenges and barriers our First Nations people and communities go through. In return, this is what provides me the skills and knowledge to assist and support all people I serve, both personally and professionally. My true success comes from helping others succeed, as life is all about giving and being of service to one  another in all good ways.
Since starting, I've stressed the importance of health & wellness, and along with our KFN Program Managers continue to initiate investment by providing the required programming and support services to the portfolios in which I serve. I give full credit of our program successes to KFN Program Managers & staff for the excellent work and commitment they provide to us on a daily. Few highlights to share so far include: safe return of Kahkewistahaw children to our community through Child & Family advocacy and support, Kahkewistahaw Drug & Community Engagement Strategy, Kahkewistahaw Minor Sport Development Programs (fastball & hockey), C&C contribution to newly updated and sound Governance & Policy deliveries, and Kahkewistahaw Economic Development restructuring for future Kahkewistahaw First Nation financial prosperity & growth, to name a few. I also have the opportunity to serve as a Board & Committee Member for YTC (Yorkton Tribal Council) Health Commission, YTC/ Kahkewistahaw Justice, YTC/ Kahkewistahaw Child & Family Services, Kahkewistahaw/ Ochapowace Community Health, and Kahkewistahaw Recreation.
Aside from my daily work duties and commitments, some personal interests and hobbies that keep me balanced include: golf, hockey, fitness & weights, yoga, guitar, travel, reading, fresh bannock & soup *hint hint, never-ending cups of coffee, and of course my faith which has brought me forward to this day! 
With that, I am very thankful and blessed to be home to have the opportunity to serve you – the membership of Kahkewistahaw First Nation! 

Cory D. Alexson
Kahkewistahaw First Nation member #201