The Kahkewistahaw Health Department Mission Statement

The mission of Kahkewistahaw First Nation Health Centre is to enhance the health care services available within the community, create conditions in the Kahkewistahaw Community such that all people living in the community have the finest holistic health care available, in particular, enhance the following;

The Kahkewistahaw Health Centre Staff can also provide assistance to the Kahkewisthaw Members at large in the areas of accessing resource information pertaining to health concerns or presenting request and recommendations to the Chief and of their behalf.

Community-Based Health programs provide services. The priorities for our services are as follows:

  1. Culture & Language
  2. Fitness & healthy lifestyles
  3. Nutrition – cooking classes
  4. Youth programs


The Kahkewistahaw Community Programs

The Community Health program provides nursing services for clients in the areas of immunizations, pre & post natal, Homecare and health promotions. The Community Health representative works closely with our professionals.

There is a Mental Health worker retained two days a week. We have a full time Addictions worker, Glenn Pelletier, to provide counselling and referrals to treatment centres, along with coordinating on-going programing based on client needs.

Medical Transportation is assistance with medical travel based upon Health Canada policies. There is a requirement of 48 hours of notice prior to the appointments.

Maternal Child Health program has hired Sara McKay as the Family Wellness/Home Visitor. She can assist parents of children 6 and under with education and awareness of parenting. She also looks after the Child Oral Hygiene Initative that offers fluoride treatment to children. Please contact her if you wish to enroll into the program.

Visiting Professionals:

Health Receptionist, Delores Alexson , is responsible for booking all appointments. Please leave a contact number so we can inform you of your next appointment. To date, the following are professionals that visit our health centre on a weekly or monthly basis;


  • Dr Ojaiko – RQHD – Broadview Hospital – twice a month
  • Diabetes Educator – YTC Nora Wasacase, RN – once a month
  • Prenatal/Child program – YTC Danielle Switzer, RN – once a month
  • Probation Office Services – Jessica Evans – when required
  • Dentist services – every Tuesday
  • Dentist – George Denego
  • Kahkewistahaw/Ochapowace Home Care program – Clarissa Paul, Janice Herperger, Geri Alexson, Tassie Bear
  • YTC – Cultural Intergrated Service Worker – Sabrina Sparvier
  • YTC ESD – Jamie Brass


Current Activities at the Health Centre

  • Immunization
    Offered twice a month
  • A. A. Support meetings
    Tuesdays @ 6:00 PM