Land & Resources

Contact Information:

Judy Wasacase, Lands & Resource Manager
Phone: (306) 696-3291 Ext. 227
Fax: (306) 696-3201

Nepin Bobb, Lands Assistant
Phone: (306) 696-3291 


There are two Land Management Regimes that Kahkewistahaw utilises on its management of the Land Bases. Kahkewistahaw First Nation has partially transitioned over half of it land base to the Kahkewistahaw Land Code, through the First Nations Lands Management Act, which was enacted on December 5, 2011. The Land Code gives Kahkewistahaw greater control over its management of our own lands. The remaining parcels of land are still governed by Indian Act and Reserve Land and Environmental Management Program (RLEMP) land management regime. Kahkewistahaw is currently working on transitioning all lands to the Land Code as part of improving our own self-governance processes.


The Kahkewistahaw Lands Department provides governance structure on land management on the land base by:


  • Providing technical support to band-members, band departments and other agencies in regards to locating lands, identifying resources and setting aside areas for economic and residential purposes.
  • Managing Lands including the issuance of permits to individuals and businesses (such as on-reserve businesses, utility companies, etc.).
  • Working with band members, band departments, INAC as well as local farmers/ranchers and business people.
  • Every business that operates on reserve gets a permit to use our lands.
  • The Lands Department generates revenue for the First Nation.
  • The Lands Department takes its direction from the Lands Committee as well as Chief and Council.
  • The Lands Department is governed under the terms of the Kahkewistahaw Land Code.


The Lands Department also works on Projects for the Community such as,


  • The Dog By Law
  • Land Improvement Projects
  • Land Leasing
  • Policy Development
  • Pasture Program



Lands Committee


  • Councillor Michael Bob
    Portfolio Holder
  • Wendy Alexson
    Elder Member
  • Ross McKay
    Committee Member
    Committee Member
  • Arlene Isaac
    Committee Elder
    Committee Member



For further information regarding the Projects that the Land Department offers please feel free to contact the Lands Department. We are open to any other suggestions for community projects.