Principal Greetings

Welcome to 2018-2019 School Year at Chief Kahkewistahaw Community School.

My name is Jean Bear – Taypotat and I am grateful to be the Principal for this school term. I have been with this community since 1993. I was part of the team that assisted the Chief & Council and Education Committee to plan and build this new school in which we moved in on January 2004. This school is very precious to all us community members, every age category we asked for their input. For those of you that remember, please share with your family members how we wanted to provide the best for our children, there was great pride and support. This is one of my goals this year to reconnect this pride for our children, parents, community, elders and Leadership. I know I cannot do this alone and I will be asking all the below supports to become unified to continue the growth of this community school.

We continue to have our sports teams and encourage our children to be active in any way possible. We also have staff that provide extra- curricular activities such as crafts and music. This year we are introducing fiddle teaching & dance.

We continue to have Parent Mentors In our school, these parents assist us within the school for reading support, math support, and supervision support with teachers. We value and appreciate these parents. The parents see how busy the school is.

We continue to have Elders support the children and the school team as we work together to share stories, traditional knowledge, and language opportunities.

We also have continued support with Second Level Services from Yorkton Tribal Council. They provide additional service such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Educational Psychologist, Cultural Adviser, Sports Coordinator, Balanced Literacy Support and General Inclusive Educational Support.

We have support from Treaty 4 Education Alliance. They provide technology support, living off the Land Program, School Success Planning, support the math programming, etc.

We connected with our Community Health Department and together for shared supports. And we plan to reach out to other departments in keeping our school filled with community knowledge.