Fire Department

The Fire Department acts to serve our community in whatever role is necessary. Often that is to put out fires, but more often it is to act as first responders when people in our community are in need.

Our team is constantly looking to improve our training and our knowledge to better serve our First Nation and surrounding community. We recently purchased a new tanker truck to go along side our mini pumper to make us more efficient and prepared when dealing with multiple fire calls. Our members have received Naxalone overdose training and have kits to respond to such emergencies. We also received training in using extrication tools like the Jaws of Life and hydraulic spreaders and we hope to purchase those tools in the near future. Presently we have to wait for Broadview to assist when there are accidents in which people are trapped in vehicle wreckage. Our team has also received training from Stars Air Ambulance service so we are now able to summon and help land helicopters in our community when necessary. It takes the air ambulance approximately 22 minutes to arrive in our community from Regina as opposed to 45 minutes for the nearest ambulance to arrive from Grenfell by road.

We do our best to keep our people informed when potential wild fires are a risk and if fire bans are necessary. We urge everyone to please adhere to these warnings and thank everyone for respecting the fire bans imposed every spring.

We thank our community for working with us as we strive to protect our lands and all who reside here.